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Applying for jobs in the Digital Age.

In the new frontier of using social media for job hunting purposes, how do you find the right position and stand out to increase your chances of getting an interview and ultimately landing the job you want in the digital age?

Searching for jobs has greatly changed since the days of browsing through the early morning newspapers, but now it has never been easier to find job vacancies at the press of a button.

Employers use social media to recruit talent and I believe that job seekers need to have a creative strategy in order to build a network of contacts to create opportunities for themselves. Throughout my career, I have secured contracts through my network of clients. 80% of vacancies/opportunities are hidden, which means that your network of friends, family or industry colleagues can assist you in securing your next job! So get speaking to others about what you are looking for. There is a saying that goes your network is your net worth.

Having a wealth of potential employers at your fingertips means staying in touch with the current job market has never been easier. Social media offers a quick solution to traditional networking. According to a study by Pew Research institute, about 79% of job seekers used online resources and information to find a job. Using social media sites in your job search you can increase the visibility of your professional profile and be seen by the wider world. Not only is social media beneficial to your search, it helps your potential employers too - about 90% of employers now look at a job seekers social media accounts as part of the hiring process. Posting responsibly and having good etiquette on social media can help you be more appealing to companies.

So, get started and create a professional profile on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, to advertise what you have to offer a potential employer. An excellent article written by Personal Career Management in association with Guardian Jobs outlines how to use social media in your job search and provides useful tips about how to create professional profiles using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Check it out here

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