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ICAN led an excellent project with our local work based learning providers, developing an Entry/Level 1 WorkSkills curriculum designed to engage some of their most vulnerable learners.   ICAN provided an end to end service, from developing attractive teaching materials in response to learners needs, through to assessment, internal verification and liaison with the awarding body.  ICAN staff went into five different organisations, modelling good teaching and then coaching their staff so that they could deliver it for themselves. Sophia was a consummate professional throughout, making everything seem easy.  She listened carefully to understand our needs, wrote creative and engaging learning materials and demonstrated an outstanding standard of teaching. 


The results have been exceptional, with over 100 of the most vulnerable young people achieving Workskills qualifications in the first phase and each organisation now mainstreaming the activities into their ongoing work.


Kevin Munday, Head of 14-19 Development, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Passport to Employability (P2E)  is the most successful Workskills programmme developed to increase employability skills amongst young people in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The contribution by ICAN has been first rate and essential to the achievements of the young people on P2E in particular and Workskills in general; over 2550 students in schools registered onto the programme and approximately 1600 achieved a level 2 qualification between 2009 and 2011.  Through the input with 10 Tower Hamlets schools ICAN has proved to be a training organisation of choice.

ICAN has the expertise to not only design and deliver engaging programmes but also to give young people a platform for them to progress.  An excellent organisation with young people's interest at heart.

Im Rahman, Passport To Employability Project Manager, Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

The Passport to Employability programme is undoubtedly the most successful and valuable initiative developed to increase employability levels amongst young people in Tower Hamlets. The contribution to planning, delivery and assessment by ICAN has been first rate and fundamental to the achievements of the young people on P2E in particular and Workskills in general; over 2580 students in schools registered on the programme and approximately 1659 achieved a level 2 qualification between 2009 and 2011. Through the input with 10 Tower Hamlets schools and 5 work based learning providers ICAN has proved to be an extremely professional, competent and reliable training provider and would definitely be an asset to any organisation that chooses to work with them.

Tina Sode, 14-19 Development Manager. London Borough of Tower Hamlets

I would like to say a most sincere thank you to you for all that you have done to make the final stage of the of the Passport to Employability Programme so successful. It was so good to be able to work with you as part of a team, which was delivering something so special for Year 11.

St Pauls Way Trust School, Tower Hamlets

I am pleased to confirm in writing the very positive feedback I have been receiving from the foyers regarding your sessions in particular the Conflict Resolution. First Step Foyer Manager said that the residents really enjoy the session and wanted to know when it was going to be delivered again. They were also really impressed because this is the first time residents some of whom have mental health needs were so animated about a life skill.

East Potential, Newham

The activity was engaging and full of interesting personal and historical knowledge.

Leytonstone Secondary School, Leytonstone